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Ep.131 – Însarcinată cu kinesiotape

Ceaiuri de fertilitate sau infertilitate, jocurile olimpice și dieta vegană.


5 thoughts on “Ep.131 – Însarcinată cu kinesiotape

  1. Eliza

    Sip.. idiotas como tu son los que MATAN a la gente, así que vete a otro lugar a poner tus chrsiadegan, que aparte NI original eres…

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    I have a 1940s kitchen that still has its original green and yellow ceramic tile. It's lovely and vintage-y and has lasted >60 years. Cons: it's not the easiest surface to wipe clean, given all the little grooves from grout lines.

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    What do you mean–indirectly? We’ve been bottling this virus for years out on the Ett Farm and only recently released it on the public in the form of gas from the mouth of Susan Boyle every time she sings. GOTCHA, BITCHES!Your second question made me laugh out loud (LOL). Can we make it two palms pressed together and then flapping apart to mimic the wings on the pig in the ? I love that little guy.


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