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Skeptical Reporter @ 2012-03-14

Skeptical Reporter for March 14th, 2012

Keywords: Homeopahy, Boiron, fake advertising, ineffective preparation, no medical value in homeopahy, tridecaphobia, 12A, Durham, Dave Wilcox, mediums, John Edwards, skeptics reply, James Inhofe, climate change, bible denies climate change, evagelicals, oil and gass industry sponsorship, citizen scientists, star forming, ESO, Milky Way Project, no sex education bill, Utah, Goodmaher Institute, Laura Lindberg, Gery Herbert, astinence only, sex before marriage, sex before 20, snail, snail-battery, electricity in animals, biochemistry, carbon nano-paper, Bukey paper, electricity, antimatter atoms, anti-matter, Aplha Experiment, CERN, anti-hidrogen, Sibiu, Romania, rubella epidemics, MMR vaccine, vaccination refusal

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