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Skeptical Reporter @ 2012-04-13

Skeptical Reporter for April 13th, 2012

Keywords: Skepticism, skeprep, skeptical reporter, Australia, Chinese medicine, regulation, ingredients, study, genetic audit, Tennessee, bill, evolution, creationism, public schools, scopes monkey trial, climate change, Oscillococcinum, 200c, class action suit, dilution, homeopathy, extract, active ingredients, fortunetelling, religious belief system, free speech, fraud, white dwarf star, 12 billion years, cooling off, sun, Taurus, Ursa Major, constellations, Envisat, lost, satellite, European Space Agency, climate data, Orbiting Carbon Observatory, baboons, reading, words, Papio Papio, learning, Majorana fermions, data storage, quantum particles, data, World Homeopathy Awareness Week, Romania, skeptics in Romania, Romanian Secular-Humanist Association, Homeopathy – there's nothing in it, Campaign, 10:23, protest.

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