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Skeptical Reporter @ 2012-05-18

Skeptical Reporter for May 19th, 2012

Keywords: skeprep, skeptical reporter, news, skeptical news, science, faith healing, ruptured appendix, death, church elders, pray, slaves, children, fortune teller, gypsies, frost bite, child abuse, witch doctor, mutilation, child sacrifice, wealth, Uganda, police, solar eclipse, China, United States, sunset, International Space Station, astronauts, cosmonauts, Russia, United States, orbit, laboratory, amputee, prosthetic limbs, robotic arm, arm movement, impractical, trials, thoughts, power of mind, meat, macho, eating, men, women, big game hunt, vegetables, eating habbits, Ioan Mang, minister of Education, Romania, plagiarism, Romanian Academy, investigation

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