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Skeptical Reporter @ 2012-06-01

Skeptical reporter for June 1st, 2012

Keywords: skeprep, skeptical news, skepticism, news, science, The skeptical reporter, prison sentence, death, diabetes, spiritual healing, prayer, Church of the Firstborn, medical treatment, Tulsa, coalition, Eco-anarchists, anti-science, violent attacks, scientists, letter bomb, Corriere della sera, nuclear, nanotechnology, Fukushima, traditional Chinese remedy, herbal, insomnia, restlessness, Department of health, mercury, high levels, toxicity, children, Vatican, apparitions, revelations, Mary, doctrinal office, virgin Mary, supernatural origin, ecclesiastical authority, conversions, Spacex, dragon capsule, ISS, international space station, supplies, laboratory, orbit, social decision making, mating, fighting, brain, vertebrates, storage, quantum computers, letters, rubidium gas, particles, paralysis, rats, walking, robot, new brain pathways, pollution, Danube, Nera, birds, river banks, cleaning

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